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Task -
Your job as senior lab analyst is to oversee and be familiar with the various methods used to test the water quality of sources that TestAmerica receives from across the country.

Water Quality Analysis (Part 1)

Water Quality Results - Table 1

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Problem Analysis

(Form hypotheses, asking: What do I know? What assumptions do I have? What questions do I have? What resources do I need?)
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Task - Record your problem analysis in the KWL Sheet

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Field Insights

(Search for and gather information and perspectives in the field.)

Task - Analyze Water Quality Results

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Resource Development

(Identify documentation needed to inform field insights.)

EPA Drinking Water Regulations

Health, Treatment and Background on Heavy Metals in Water Supply

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Test Points

(Thinking critically, evaluate hypotheses and possibly reformulate conclusions. Define problem and determine best fit solution.)

Task - Based on your teams water quality analysis, is the water from the CU Health and Sciences Center safe to drink? What is your rationale?

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(Present the solution. Debrief the problem.)

Task - Prepare a summary statement of your findings and post your summary statement to the get the lead out blog.

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